Too Faced Natural Love Palette

Hello Friends!

Today I am going to do a review on the Too Faced Natural Love Pallet. I have played with this for about two weeks now and I cant put it down! You can do so many different looks with this which I love in a palette.

So this retails at Sephora for $59 USD. This is probably the priciest palette I own to be honest. This is limited edition not sure for how long though cause I feel like this has been out for some time now.


First Row of swatches


Second row


Third row


Fourth row


Fifth row


Some of the shades are more pigmented then others. The shimmers are probably my favorite. They are all beautiful. If you like to collect special edition palettes I would grab this or if this is on your wish list I would grab it.

I love neutral colors so this was right up my alley but it does throw in some colors in there which is nice as well. Some of the shades do apply better with your finger or a wet brush better then with a dry regular brush! I find it picks up more pigment that way!

Well that was it for my review it was quick and simple. Hope you enjoyed!!


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