What’s in my purse?

Hello Everyone!

So today I decided to do a what’s in my purse post!

I got this purse at TJMaxx the bag runs for $90.00 and I got it for $30!! I’m classic when it comes to bags. I like black bags and that’s it! I have never ventured out to a colorful one or a cream color! Black goes with everything right!!


Now inside I don’t have much I like to keep it simple lol. Plus my husband likes to throw his stuff in there as well lol so I’m carrying all of it. Next is my wallet! This is a Kate Spade wallet. I think its the cedar wallet! I got it for $40!!! It is regularly $100 I should have bought more lol.

I love this wallet! it holds everything I need it to and I still have plenty of room!

Next I carry my sunglasses. They are Calvin Klein. Super cheap from TjMaxx Until I get some better ones lol.  Then I have my keys, a hand sanitizer, and some lotion. Some times I will have the lipstick I am wearing that day as well.

One thing I love about this purse is you can wear it as a cross body as well! It has two zipper pockets and two spots for a phone or something else lol.

Thanks for reading! What’s one thing you have to have in your purse? Mine is lotion for sure!


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